About us

The art of gifting

Giftbug is an all occasion gift registry with one big goal - to bring back the art of gift giving.

Gifting should be more exciting than a transaction pulled from a list of things. A giftbug user creates a registry of items and experiences that they love and that their friends will love giving them.

A personalized registry for any occasion

With giftbug you have a flexible space to share links to gift ideas and to tell a story about what makes you happy and how to celebrate you for occasions both big and small.

For birthdays and holidays, or an opportunity to say “Thank you", “I’m sorry” or “Cheer up”, a giftbug registry turns friends into gifting heros! A giftbug.co gift registry can have everything from favorite stores and restaurants, to hobbies, interests and favorite charities. Remove the awkwardness of guessing, asking or 'just buying something' and put the fun back into the very personal art of gifting.

Behind the scenes at giftbug

A great way to understand giftbug is to see how the minds behind giftbug use it themselves. Take a look at how Shannon and Andy identified the things that make them happy and then created a giftbug registry to help their friends gift them a piece of that happiness.

Happiness board shannon
A great cup of coffee, running with friends and our puppy dogs, these are a few of my favorite things.
Happiness board andy
A good science fiction book + a great beer + homemade apple pie = a pretty great day.