What is giftbug?

We are an online gift registry, but unlike other registries, you can put anything you want all in one place. Certainly you can use it to link to bridal registries or baby shower registries, and you can also use it to link to individual items. Any item from any website. You can keep track of all of the music you want to own as well as that clever t-shirt on Threadless. And if what you want isn't online, no worries, you can just put in a description of things you like, say for instance you are a fan of taxidermied animals dressed in period clothing. We leave your registry completely up to you!

How do I get started?

Simple! Just register with a name, email and password and you are set to go. No long forms or personal information, we don't need it! And as soon as you Sign up you can start adding items to your registry by simply clicking on Add gift. From there you can choose to add a link to those special Pottery Barn towels or maybe just write a description of your bathroom colors under a gift titled 'Bathroom Towels'.

Sign up
We stuck with a simple sign-up process so you can get right to creating your gift registry!
Do I have to sign up to see my friend's registry?

Not necessarily, that's up to your friend. From the Share page they can make their registry public or they can send you a sharing URL which is a direct link to their registry. In either of these cases you do not need to be registered with our site to see your friend's registry. We do hope that once you see how great their registry is that you'll want one of your own!

What is the difference between a public registry and a private registry?

A public registry is accessible to anyone searching by your name or email address. This means that they can see that set of ice cream bowls you've always wanted, but it also means they can see the Officially Licensed Star Trek Pajama Set that you want as well.

If your registry is private, someone can search for you, and find you, but in order to see those red heels in a size 8 they will either need to add you as a giftbug friend, or you will have to send them a link to your registry from the Share page.

Private registry
If a user's registry is private, their registry is hidden. To see their registry you can send them a friend request by choosing Add friend or they can send you their sharing URL.
If I choose to make my registry public, can I switch to private (or vice versa)?

Heck yeah! If you're waffling back and forth between whether to make your registry public or private, changing is as easy as a check box on the Share page.

Privacy settings
By default your registry is public and checked. To make it private uncheck the box. To make it public again, check the box.
What am I agreeing to by using this website? What are your Terms of Use?

Mwaahaahaa! ....Kidding!

In addition to agreeing not to blame us if no one buys you the espresso maker you've had your eye on, using our website means you agree to our Terms of Use.

Where did I leave my car keys?

That is a good question! Did you look for them by the door? Have you checked your pockets? My mother always told me that I should have a place where I always put them...yeah, I'm not good at doing that either.

Sorry dude, I can't help you this time, but perhaps when adding items to your gift list, you should add this key chain to your registry.