What is a category?

It's a great way to organize the dozens of gift ideas that you are going to find yourself adding to your new giftbug registry.

Say you are a runner and you love running accessories and running related gifts. Instead of having many items scattered around your gift list, you can create a category, let's call it 'Running Chick' (get creative with the names!), and you can put all of your running related gifts in that category; including a super comfy running shirt, and a cute headband, or you could even create a gift asking friends to join you for your next fun run!

How do I create a category?

You can create a category from within the Add gift / Edit gift boxes or you can use the menu in the top right corner of the page.

Create category
Categories are easy to create and a great way to organize your registry.

Can I move an item from one category to another, or add and remove items from categories?

Well, what kind of giftbug would we be if you couldn't?! Yes, absolutely you can move items around within categories.

Select the item and then click the Edit button.

From the Edit gift pop-up box select the category drop-down arrow. Piece of cake!

Edit category
You can reorganize your registry at any time by creating new categories and moving your items around.