How do I become giftbug friends with people?

Use the search box at the top of the page to search by a person's name or email address. To the right of their name you will see a link to Add friend. Easy as pie! Once they confirm you are indeed friends, you will be able to view their registry and find them on your My friends page.

They can also send you a link to their registry, and in that case there is also an Add friend link to the right of their profile picture.

It says 'Friendship pending' next to some people's pictures. What does that mean?

That means that you sent them a friend request and they haven't responded to it yet (accepted or declined).

What is the 'Share your registry' email?

From the Share page you can send an email to people inviting them to view your giftbug registry. With the Sharing url included in this email the recipient can view your registry even if they are not a registered giftbug user.

Email share registry
To make it easy to share your registry, we created email content for you, and then we gave you the ability to edit the content right from the Share page.

What is a 'Nudge' email?

From the Share page you can send an email to friends and family encouraging (or nudging) them to create their very own giftbug registry. You need a place to go to find them the perfect gift too!

Email nudge
We created email content for you because we're that awesome and it is that easy to nudge your friends to create their own giftbug registry. But don't worry, it won't hurt our feelings if you want to edit the email right from the Share page.