How do I add a gift?

Use the Add gift link next to your profile picture at the top of your registry, or you can use the menu in the top right corner of the page.

Add gift links
Adding gifts is easy!

For the next step, you have two options:

  1. Link to gift - If you know exactly where to find those superhero socks, copy and paste the URL in the provided field.
  2. Enter gift information - You're not required to enter a URL. You can simply provide a description of items you like. Get creative!

Add gift
Use Link to gift to help friends find the exact item you've had your eye on. Or use Enter gift information and tell your friends all about your likes and gift wishes.

Whether you chose to include a URL or not, the Add gift pop-up box is basically the same.

Add gift details
The only thing required is a Gift title. All other fields are optional!

How do I include an image for my gift?

You can upload a picture when you're adding or editing a gift:

Add gift upload image
Would you love the gift of a night out at your favorite restaurant? Show them how much you love going there by including a picture of how much fun you had last time!

If you included a URL, most websites provide images for you to choose from:

Add gift website image
If you don't like the website image(s) provided, upload your own or use the default giftbox that we created for you.