Do you do wedding registries?

We do ALL registries, that's the point! Giftbug is great for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, Christmas and any day we celebrate each other.

Giftbug works great for wedding registries because it's one central location that you can share with family, friends and wedding guests. We understand that couples don't want to miss out on the benefits of creating wedding registries at large retails stores (like discounts on items left on your registry after the big day). The benefit of giftbug is one website to house all of your individual store registries, and still register for those individual items like a Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit or that Suit of Armor to complete your formal dining room.

And don't forget the benefit of continuing your registries on into the future so you can continue to add to your china pattern, or maybe a jolly red-suited fella will bring you the Beer Tasting Flight that was left on your wedding registry. I'm sure you can come up with a lot of great ways to use giftbug for your wedding. Here's a sample suggestion for how to add registries from other stores:

Sample wedding registry
You can create a category for your wedding registry and add it to your giftbug registry for all the other special occasions in your life.

The image from the website is for the black boots, but I want the green ones.

Great choice! I love these boots! Yeah, sometimes the websites give you a really limited selection of images to use, and you are way too cool for something as expected as the black boots. Here are 3 good options to help guide your friends to the correct purchase:

  1. Put the color in the Gift title, like 'GREEN: Welly Boots'
  2. Put specifics in the Description box, like 'Size 8 in GREEN please!'
  3. Save a picture of the green boots to your computer and use the Upload image link from the gift Edit button.