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Looking for ideas on how to get started? Check out how we think some of our favorite TV characters might use a giftbug registry!

Meet Jayne, he's a space-cowboy on a little show called Firefly. If you ask him what he wants for his birthday he'll probably just grunt at you and you'll end up buying him another gift card to The Ammo Depot. Luckily his giftbug registry can speak for him and his love of a clever t-shirt, board games with friends and the calming benefits of a great cup of tea.

Parks and Recreation's fearless leader is Leslie, a passionate and upbeat government employee from a small Indiana town. Leslie embraces life's little happinesses and loves time with friends over most things, but the things she does love are as adorable and unique as she is. Her giftbug registry is full of the items, group activities and charities that bring her the most joy.

Haaave you met Lily? She's a wife, a Mom and one of five best friends on TV's How I Met Your Mother. An artist herself, she loves supporting local artisans from her hometown of Brooklyn. As a Mom, she has a category dedicated to her son Marvin so that his Aunties and Uncles always have great ideas for Marvin too. And be sure to check out her 'Out of the Doghouse/Brownie Points' category to help her husband and friends kiss up or make up, whatever the situation calls for.

Chuck is the title character from a show about a guy who is part-time tech support at an electronics store, and part-time super spy. He's a pretty straight-forward twenty-something geek who loves video games and gadgets, but as a secret asset for the CIA, you might not realize that he could really use some great travel accessories and the odd item that he found in the SkyMall catalog. We also love Chuck's category listing his favorite places to get pizza, coffee and Mexican food; great intell for a 'Thank you' gift card or surprise takeout delivery when he's had a bad day.

On TV's How I Met Your Mother, Robin is a guys' girl who loves hockey, whiskey and a great cigar. As a girl who knows her scotch and stogies, it's helpful to have a resource like giftbug so friends can pick the perfect gift for this aficionado. As a proud Canuck, her giftbug registry also shares some of her favorite hometown businesses so friends can gift her with a little piece of home on her special occasions.

On TV's Parks and Recreation, Chris is optimistic, energetic and sees life itself as a gift. Chris is very specific about what he likes while also being very appreciative. He may even declare your gift as "literally the most amazing gift I've ever received." That's a lot of pressure, but luckily his giftbug registry points you to very specific items at very specific stores to help you meet the challenge of celebrating Chris with the perfect gift.